Valerio Lopes (Director)

" To me patience is the main ingredient of ones work. Without tolerance, compassion and understanding for my spasmodic creativity I would not be able to realize a project like this one. From concept to finish, I tried to be artistically egoist for the interest of my own vision. " Val Lopes Years ago, nobody understood what my ideas were, where i wanted to go with this "cabralism concept", not even me. And now that the first episode is ready, now that I have shared the first part of this documentary trilogy, i see that people understand one third of it. Some appreciate my ideas and some even look forward to see the other two episodes that are still to come. I feel honored when i hear the critics, because it makes the project credible, and credibility is very important for me, to build a team and to work on the remaining two thirds of this trilogy. The two episodes that are coming now are the most difficult ones, and i believe that god will help me raise, in order of importance, the necessary human, creative and financial resources to turn this vision into areality. I want every cabralist to contribute to this project, to criticize it, to be part of it in his very own way and i believe that every contribution takes this project closer to a completion that is representative of peoples idea of cabralism. " Sharing an idea is keeping it alive and adding to its value, a vision that everybody embraces grows and eventually turns into reality. " From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everybody who opens his eyes, his ears and all his senses to this project, especially my guinean and capeverdean fellows. Valerio Lopes