A documentary trilogy

This movie project is inspired by the fantastic Opus of Amilcar Cabral. The goal of this documentary is to put his fantastic theories and ideas in the spotlight. Comparing his work with actual cultural and social issues that we face in our day to day life and providing alternative solutions for them.
We found in him a african leader for our mental emancipation.

Decomposition of the story

"Cabralista" Past, Present & Future
Past: History | Present: Collective Memory | Future: Utopia

"Cabralista" is an ambitious documentary trilogy, chronologically divided in Past, Present and Future, but not released in that order.

Episode 1 - Collective Memory - Present

Upcoming episode - Past - History

Upcoming episode - Future - Utopia

Episode I

The first episode, "Present | Collective Memory", handles the present, how Cabral is remembered, defining a non-formal zeitgeist around his ideology, showing a african youth with a strong cabralist view.
It is based on the collective memory of Amilcar Cabral and his ideas.

Episode II

The second episode, "Past | History", treats the past, the history based on real facts and testimonies of his lifetime. This episode is based on historical facts of and about his lifetime.

Episode III

The third episode "Future | Utopia" handles the future, it is an utopian vision of how Guinea Bissau and perhaps Africa could have evolved if Amilcar Cabral would not have been assassinated and if he had had a chance to put his theories in practice. All his ideas are analysed and embodied to the socio-cultural and socio-economical climate of the continent in a utopian and optimistic way.

Cabral é pai d'cabralîsmo, vivo el era se incarnação i aôs el é se espîrito
Amin é p'mod Cabral foi, em tem conciencia d'isso, i por isso min é cabralîsta.
Cabralîsmo é emancipacao d'espîrito africano, cabralîsmo é bo carta d'aforría!
Cabralîsmo é agua pa simbron d'liberdade, arvore d'africanidad, k'sej rais fincôd na stória, sej ramo spaiôd pa mundo, pa humanidad podé oiá sej flor brota deboch de raîar d'sol i na brilho d'lûa, aôj i amanha.