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RTP ÁFRICA > 07-09-2011 | 22:26 | Episódio 27
Emissão de 07 Setembro

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CABRALISTA 3 - UTOPIA pre-trailer

Episode III:
The third episode "Future | Utopia" is an utopian vision of how Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde and perhaps Africa could have evolved and developed if Amilcar Cabral and other African Leaders of his time would not have been assassinated and if they had a chance to put their theories in practice. All their ideas are analyzed and embodied to the socio-cultural and socio-economical climate of the continent in a utopian and optimistic way. Release date : January 2013.

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Uké k'é un cabralîsta? (Avec traduction française)

Cabral é pai d'cabralîsmo, vivo el era se incarnação i aôs el é se espîrito

Amin é p'mod Cabral foi, em tem conciencia d'isso, i por isso min é cabralîsta.
Cabralîsmo é emancipacao d'espîrito africano, cabralîsmo é bo carta d'aforría!
Cabralîsmo é agua pa simbron d'liberdade, arvore d'africanidad, k'sej rais fincôd na stória, sej ramo spaiôd pa mundo, pa humanidad podé oiá sej flor brota deboch de raîar d'sol i na brilho d'lûa, aôj i amanha.

De mesmo forma k'tev um processo de escravisão, no precisa d'un strategia de destrução d'escravatûra. P'mod tcheu d'noj ainda ta escravisôd, mentalment i inconcientement. Cabralîsmo é tchá kel negro oprimid i subordenôd moré pa renascé um africano independente i livre.

Qu'est ce qu'un cabraliste?
Cabral était le père du cabralisme, vivant il l'incarnait et aujourd'hui il en est l'esprit.

Je suis parce que Cabral a été, j'en ai la conscience et donc je suis cabraliste.

Le Cabralisme c'est l'émancipation de l'esprit africain, le cabralisme c'est ton affranchissement !

Le cabralisme c'est l'eau pour la semence de la liberté, l'arbre de l'africanité, ses racines ancrer dans l'histoire et ses branches ouverts au monde pour que l'humanité puisse nous voir briller, sous les rayons du soleil et à la lueur de la lune aujourd'hui et demain.
De la même façon qu'il y a eu un processus de réduction à l'esclavage, il faux une stratégie pour le démanteler, parce que beaucoup d'entre nous sont encore enchainé, mentalement et inconsciemment.
Le cabralisme c'est laisser mourir le nègre opprimer et subordonner pour que renaisse un africain indépendant et libre.

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First exhibition of "Cabralista" in Lisbon (Portugal).

To create a unique experience i decided to screen the documentary like a "silent movie", making the narration life, in front of the audience. It was a very interesting experience, every sentence was adapted to the audience and their reactions.

I think this is how the movie will be presented everywhere from now on.

After the screening we had a inspiring debate, sometimes people would get very emotional...

People are concerned about his death. Who killed hm? Why did they kill him?
For me, before i start looking for a reason for his assassination i want to learn more about his life, because to me his life was more important then his death.

Amilcar Cabral is really a deep and profound source of inspiration.

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Pa nos storia ka repti

This music is inspired by Amilcar Cabral

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Sharing Inspiration

Cabral is a major source of inspiration...

Would be great if everyone could have access to his ideas, his vision, his Opus.
I'm experimenting... Trying to design interesting images...

Inspired by his written words.

The ones i post on the blog are not the best ones ;)

I just want to keep the real thing for the moment i release the documentary.

But watching at those images inpires me...

Thats why i share it...

Hope i'm sharing some inspiration with them...


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He became Cabral

Pablo Picasso was artisticaly emancipated, free, with no expressive boundaries.

Amilcar Cabral was as inspiring, brilliant and unique in his own way, in a difrent context, for the purpose of african emancipation.

Pablo Picasso's mother used to say to her son: "If you are a soldier you will become a general, if you are a monk, you will become the pope."
And Piacasso added to that: "Instead, i was a painter, and i became Picasso."
Amilcar was african, he became Cabral.
We are his legacy, the cabralists.

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