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Share the power and inspiration of Cabralista with your community by hosting a film screening at your local library, school, community center, place of worship, NGO, community center or even outside under a Baobab tree in your village.


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A unique interactive experience

The best way to experience this movie is by hosting a screening with the director Valerio Lopes. He will come with a very special version of the movie, where the narration is removed, and just like in the old times of "silent film" (in this case the music is still present), he will narrate the documentary in front of the audience. It has already been presented this way in numerous occasions, and the audience was always enchanted. At the end of the projection it is always good to have a follow-up with debates and Q-A's. He comes also with a promo-pack that will be distributed to the audience. Drop us a line if interested.

Screening info:

The film is multilingual, mainly french and crieol... But some interventions are in english and portuguese.

Subtitles are available in:
(more languages to come)